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The Jane B. Eisner Middle School is part of the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy network. We are a caring and supportive community that is committed to serving the children and families in the West Adams/Harvard Heights neighborhood.
Our focus on preparing students for college and empowering them to be agents of social change sets our middle school apart from others in the neighborhood. Our school is small with about 270 students in grades 6-8. This allows us to give students individual attention and constant feedback to help them grow and improve.
At our school, we foster an inclusive environment in which each student is valued and encouraged to succeed. Teachers and students build close relationships and parents are involved in their child's education.
We are committed to building on the cultural capital and social experiences that each scholar brings to school. We offer opportunities to engage in physical education, technology, and experiences that will prepare them for college and their future careers. 

We welcome you to visit us!